Angela Spencer

I’ve always loved singing and have had the great pleasure of leading harmony singing groups, workshops and residentials since 2002.

I have a wide variety of wonderful songs from all over the world in my constantly growing collection and I just love sharing them. All the songs are taught by ear so there’s no need to read music or to have sung in a choir before.

You’ll find my teaching is always gentle and encouraging and focused on building singers’ confidence and sense of well-being. My singers tell me they love the warm, life-affirming feeling of working together to create sounds that inspire, uplift or soothe.

Singing Circle, Singing for Larks, Inner Harmony and A Cappella Fellas meet regularly in Lewes and are all non-performing groups.

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about any of our groups or events: 

Completely magic – singing with you has changed our lives! J.W. 

A truly inspiring day.  You were so welcoming we all felt completely at ease. A.B. 

You united dozens of people, including many who’d never even met each other, into a harmonious and sweet-sounding happy whole – an enormous success! P.T.  

You work wonders! K.D. 

What a perfect singing day – your energy, enthusiasm and good humour made it! P.W. 

I’m still enjoying the warm glow from last Sunday – what a wonderful day it was. H.C.

A beautifully harmonious day – you’ve taken us to undreamed of heights. P.T. 

Blissful, heartful, soulful… mmm! M.M.  

Another inspiring, fun-filled weekend – so exhilarating! C.E. 

Thank you for creating an opportunity for such peace and love to blossom and spread. S.P.  

Such an inspiring life-affirming singing day deep in beautiful countryside. L.G. 

Thank you for another great year of singing. Every single week is in some way special, and I can honestly say that I’ve never once come home without some kind of excitement, challenge, joy or uplift in my heart. P.T. 

It really was a magical session this morning Angela, thank you so much for all your hard work to raise the level of joy in the world. K.J. 

Thank you for an amazing day and an amazing community. L.M. 

I always used to feel embarrassed if someone heard me singing. With Angela I’ve learnt to sing from the heart and there’s no room for embarrassment – it’s all about JOY!!! K.M. 

Some from 2020: 

It’s been such a joy singing with you and all the group for these last few weeks. P.C. 

Just to say thank you for the lovely Tuesday morning singing sessions. You’re a beacon and a star – it’s so good to see your face and hear your voice. A great start to the week which otherwise rumbles on in the same way! It’s wonderful to see everyone else too and feel connected. So, thank you for the music! L.G. 

Thank you for all your work keeping our community together. K.A. 

A lovely gathering this morning and such beautiful songs. M.G. 

A heart-warming session. Wonderful to keep singing together. Thank you Angela. R.N. 

I wanted to thank you for all your thoughtfulness and hard work throughout last year to keep up the spirits of all our singing community. I have really enjoyed listening to all the beautiful songs you have recorded for us to share. P.S.

Thank you again for keeping us singing and connected all year, it’s been a life saver! K.P.  

I love our singing together – and seeing everyone’s faces and the happiness it brings. Thank you so much for all you have taken on. S.A.