Singing Circle Information Sheet

Singing Circle – that’s our name, and that’s how we sing.  We stand in a circle to sing because that’s the way we’ve grown, new members simply joining the circle that started in March 2006, just four strong, in Angela’s sitting room.  What do we sing?  Everything from folk songs arranged by the legendary Copper family to Maori love songs and Hebridean lullabies.  We sing in English, Georgian, Russian, Spanish, Welsh and Zulu, to name just a few.  Not many of us read music but because Angela teaches us by ear we can still tackle – and master – some pretty tricky four-part harmonies.  And when you stand in the middle of the circle, close your eyes and simply soak up the amazing surround sound, you realise just why we sing – for its own sake, for the goosebumps we all feel from time to time, and for the sheer pleasure it gives each of us and everyone we share that circle with.

Paul Walker

Listen to us singing

* This group is for members only.  Enquiries from new singers are very welcome before the start of each term.  Please see the Calendar for dates and email Angela for more details